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My trip has begun. It's relative success can niether be foreseen nor foretold. I would like to take this time to thank my family, friends and supporters without whom this idea would have never been seeded in the soils of reality. At best I stand to interact with students from all over the nation, sharing my experiences and culturing an understanding for a globalizing community. At the very least, I will see much of the country and learn a great deal more about my own roots and culture.

Ken and Sue Houle, my home base and ground support.

Lisa Houle and her roomates Heather and Becky who kept me going through the long wait.

Derek Sowers and co., TnoT and Daines, who encouraged me and help me get on my feet.

All the support staff at Peace Corps Washington and PC Seattle: Sue, Monica, Dana, Carla, Cindy, Anne at NPCA, who's continuous help and support has been pivitol in the development of this project.

Jack, Micheal Williams and Ms. Humble's sophomore global education class

Stephanie and Jeremy who put me up in Portland

Brenda Simms and Green Park Elementary school

and all my friends whos support is invaluable; Karen, Jenn, the Jeff's, Andy, Atipoka, Carl thank you forever...