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I had a rather interesting morning. It started off nice and slow. I ate breakfast in front of a television, flipping through the channels hoping that something would catch my interest. Something did! It was president clinton speaking in front of a Ghanaian flag. It seems that there was a live US-Ghana news conference at white house. President Clinton spoke long and eloquently of a new Africa initiative. A new productive partnership between the US and the continent of Africa. A partnership which would be formed without the negative stereotypes which have warped and weakened out understanding of the continent and its people in the past. One which respected Africa's rich heritage, viewing it as a place of ancient wisdom rather than a wild untammed dark jungle! I felt a swell of pride. Ghana was spotlighted as the new American partner for West Africa. Ghana was heralded as the "South Africa" of the west, a leader, carrying the torch of democracy, somehow, and setting an example for everybody else. The President of the Republic of Ghana Jerry John Rawlings happened to be in Washington as well, he spoke, not as smooth and saxaphone like as he does in his native country, but rather nervous and shaky, about the need for the US to give more to Ghana and its impovershed neighbors. The same old line... After Rawlings spoke the floor was opened for questions. There were representatives from both the American and Ghanaian/African press. It was decided that they should alternate questions. The American press went first; and what do you suppose the question was about?! The economic instability of most African republics? The military regimes that continue to obstruct democracy in Nigeria? Sierra Leone?? The Democratic Republic of Congo??? No, it was about the continuing Clinton sex scandals! I could not believe what I was seeing. Something was very wrong with that. Here is a convention working for the cooperation of continents and the betterment of the world and we cant get our heads out of our own soap opera dramas to ask a pertinent, respectable question! I felt so embarrased as Clinton quickly slid into his defensive, legal rhetoric. The next question of course was pertinent to the security of the African continent as it was posed by the African press. Then back to the American press. "Mr. President will the us continue its support of the liberation of Bosnia?" Can you sense my disbelief. Can a nation of people be any more egocentric? After the third question the coverage stopped and a powdered up anchorwoman came on the screen to summerize the major points of the conference. Yes, the US has an interest in the stability of eastern europe and yes, everybody is messed up with their sexuality! Thank you for coming Ghana, have a nice day, click... That was my morning.